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Federal Business Firearms Licence

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Did you know that working on firearms requires a “Federal Business Firearms Licence (FBFL)” and it can only be received from the RCMP’s Chief Firearms Officer? And you will only receive a FBFL if you have successfully passed course recognized by the RCMP?

When you are looking for help with your firearms, ask to see the “Federal Business Firearms Licence”. It must be displayed publicly in every business that claims to work on Firearms. Its the law.

Why should you care? Because the FBFL lists what a business is only allowed to do to a firearm. If you walk into a business, and don’t their FBFL posted ask  for it. If the service you need is not listed on their FBFL, find a RCMP registered gunsmith who does. If that business says they can do said service, they are breaking the law and possibly endangering your life.

Your safety is our first priority. Be safe. Check your gunsmith for their FBFL today.

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