Hire Backwoods!

We try to make it easy, but some concepts are complex and require several conversations. We understand that, and we understand that you have an idea. We just need you to help us understand your idea, so we can create it. Team work is always important.

Step One:

  • Make an Appointment: Although we are open 9-5 most days, please contact us to make an appointment. We have a large number of tools and weapons and have to make sure everything is secured for your arrival. Safety and security are important at this shop.
  • Contact via email: Use the below contact form to tell us what you are thinking. Be description, try not to run away with words. If you have images online, give us the link.

Step Two
We will contact you. We may require more information, sharing of diagrams or just to make sure we understand what you want done before we start. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for this.

Step Three
Once we have everything worked out, and all sides understand what is required, we will get you to download the waver, to be signed (read: When you Contract us…), and your hardware sent to us, with signed copy of our waver.

Step Four
Unless there is an issue, or we require more information, we will be working on your project. Thank you!

Step Five
We will contact you with your completed hardware!

Please note, if you put your email address into the form, you will receive a copy of what you wrote, please print it off and send a copy with any thing you ship to Back Woods.