Clean Your Firearm

Safety Tip for Hunters and Sportsmen #1

A common mistake is over-oiling firearms.

Oil can become congealed and build up in the barrel causing an obstruction. Simply wipe them down with a clean and lint-free oily patch.

KG-3 Solvent and DegreaserIn this instance less is best, for the care and maintenance of your firearm.


Please note: When considering your choice in Gunsmiths, please remember: all Certified Gunsmiths MUST be licensed by the chief Firearms officer of the province.

To ensure you have access to your favourite guns, please do not wait until the last minute to contact a licensed Gunsmith.

The closer to hunting season, the busier they will become. Although their skills seem like magic, they require time to perform their craft. Just like the hunting trip itself, plan well ahead of your trip afield to have your guns serviced.

Not all firearms are repairable. This not a limitation of the gunsmith, older firearms with tin mechanisms were designed to have “throw-away” and replaceable parts. Many of the tin mechanisms are no longer available anywhere. For example: Even the popular Remington 742 bolt and action parts have not be available for over 5+ years.

Stay safe and take care of each other!