Backwoods Gunsmithing-Arms LTD. carries and provides a wide range of services and products.


Whether your needs require simple trigger work; firearms repair; basic cleaning and maintenance; restoration; or simply verifying the functionality of an aged firearm, we have the experience to make it happen.

Repairs, Maintenance and Improvements

Got a gun with worn parts, or maybe there is a dent or ding you want taken care of, or you want some new sights added, we can take care of that no problem. We diagnose a wide range of issues, offer advice on how to improve your weapon(s) or just take care of the day to day love your gun needs.


KG Industries (Coatings and Other Products)

BGA LTD is a fully qualified applicator of the KG Industries coatings. We are also the Eastern Canada Distributor. Contact us if you have questions or wish to order products.

KG Industries was formerly Kal-Gard Coating and Manufacturing Corporation. Kal-Gard was founded to provide dry film lubricants and thin film protective coatings to the Aerospace, Military, Sporting Goods, and Motor Sports Industries. Kal-Gard became known for developing one strong product after another, and became a leader for supplying wet and dry film lubricants, and protective thin film coatings. For many years Kal-Gard was considered the standard to compete against.

Visit the KG Industries Website or contact us directly for more details!


Custom Graphics

Coming soon! Custom stenciled Graphics will be offered at our shop!1000s of possibilities, you just need to find a vector image online and send it to me or give me the details of what your looking for and it can be turned into a stencil.

Once we have the image setup, we can Cerakote in any colour your wish, onto your favourite item

Firearms, knives, rifle cases are just the few things we can add custom graphics too! Any can be Cerakoted, and that means stencilled permanently.

Stay tuned for more details.

Custom Services

This is our bread and butter. Gunsmithing is the core of everything we do and our passion. Simple repairs to complex redesigns, we have the skills and tools to make it right.